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Inner Sunset Community Defines Home

FarmersMkt_boothShoppers stopped by the Finding Home booth this past  Sunday at the Inner Sunset Farmers Market in San Francisco. There were free book marks and a coupon for 20 percent off Finding Home: How Americans Prevail at Urban Bazaar just up the street from the market.
People also took pen in hand and offered what home means to them. The answers varied from “acceptance and unconditional love. Where you know you belong, no?’ to the succinct: “Home means community.” And another: “a place to hang my hat.”
One woman was specific: “Several places: my own home, Saguaro Lake Ranch (in Arizona), Sugar Loaf Ridge camping (in California), visiting friends.”
Pat said, “Home to me is a place full of love with family and friends.”
Jesse wrote, ” It’s a bed in a place where a community calls upon my services. I have five boxes that fold up like Japanese origami. A bit of home with my alcoholic mother, the seven-year-old girl I helped raise when I was a live-in nanny, and with a man I tried to marry. The biggest home I have is exactly where I am.”
Dirk from Pamela Soap.com at another booth stopped by afterwards and wrote: “I believe every person should have a non-revocable, transferable-by-location deed to one acre of earth—issued to them with their birth certificate!! (An earthworm has more ownership of the planet than we do.”)
Others promised to e-mail what home means to them. Looking forward to seeing those. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.
What means home to you?  Please leave it in the comments below.
Yours truly,