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Written Word Mixer

Writers—fiction, non-fiction, poets et al— mingled with illustrators, publishers, bloggers, Tweeters and storytellers March 11 at the friendly and eclectic Aqus Café, in Petaluma, CA. (Don’t ask about the name Aqus. There is not really a solid answer.) The seven-store Copperfield’s Books sponsored the Written Word Mixer as well.

The crowd was asked to break up into groups of three—that’s two other people you had never met, please—for about five minutes at a time. This gave participants an opportunity to give their elevator speeches and add a few personal details.

photo (3)

Then, those who wished to, grabbed the mike and told the crowd circled ‘round them what they are all about, what their aspirations are and why they came to the gathering. Most were looking for help in some arena—finding an editor, discovering a book translator, or ferreting out the right publisher. Yours truly learned names of book clubs I might attend and talk about my book, Finding Home: How Americans Prevail.

All were people who value writing and books in all forms. They shared information and connected, and that was what it was all about. The idea was to create community for these professionals and it was a success. Thanks Aqus and Copperfield’s.

For more information about community building spearheaded by Aqus, go to aquscommunity.net. Also check out copperfieldsbooks.com.