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Story Project: National Native American Month

I was honored to tell a story for The Story Project in Colorado Springs in May when the theme was ‘Mothers’. Four of us spoke on the topic. My story was whimsical; others were dramatic and heart wrenching.

This month The Story Project, in honor of National Native American Month, features four more storytellers—all Native Americans—who will tell true, personal stories. The next event is Sunday, Nov. 30, at 1 p.m. at Ivywild School with a live audience. The presentation also is broadcast on KRCC, 91.5 FM. If you can’t be there, stream it.

Story Project NOVEMBER 2014


Story Project Colorado Springs May 2014

Storytellers for the Story Project in Colorado Springs Sunday afternoon, May 25. The program was performed before a live audience, each storyteller talking about the subject of mother(s) and was broadcast on the local affiliate public radio KRCC from Colorado College.



From left presenters are Jennifer Ryan, Coordinator of The Mural Project; Sally Ooms, storyteller and author of Finding Home: How Americans Prevail; Jene Jackson, author of The Oat Project; Amity Wagner (community advocate) and daughter Ana; and moderator Patrick McConnell. The program will be rebroadcast.  More info on Facebook and my Twitter feed.