Once-homeless family surmounting adversity

This post is a companion piece to the article I published last week on the Family Promise Shelter in Sacramento.

Rachel Brown is jittery today. She sits in the Family Promise Day Center with one eye on her children who are playing nearby. She is feeling nervous because this afternoon she will go for a job interview. Rachel is half African-American (she mentions that her father was the first black attorney in Vallejo) and half Cuban. She is going for a position as a Cuban-English translator.

Rachel Brown and daughter Daisha spend time together at Sacramento's Family Promise Day Center.
Rachel Brown and daughter Daisha spend time together at Sacramento’s Family Promise Day Center.

Rachel, 32, and her husband lived for a long time in San Jose but became homeless in Sacramento. Her husband was a Bay Area limousine driver whose car, through no fault of his own, caught on fire on a bridge. He was able to save four of his passengers but five of them died. Even though he wasn’t culpable, he was fired from his job. He started going to therapy. Rachel says he has a lot of anxiety surrounding the accident, so much so that he has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and has had a hard time at subsequent jobs.

A common story when people are struggling to maintain jobs, the couple got behind in payments. They lost their Sacramento dwelling and paid to stay in motels because they couldn’t save enough to rent an apartment. They called Next Move Shelter but were unable to get in. When they called Family Promise Rachel says “one of the ladies did an intake over the phone. The next morning they took us in. November 11th. We have been here all through the holidays and they really took good care of us.”

The parents and their children, 9 and 6, go each evening to their lodging in the church that is sheltering and feeding families in the Family Promise rotation system.

Rachel’s husband is working now and Rachel hopes to be at a job soon too. Since they have been part of Family Promise, they have saved some money but they have $1,095 to pay back to make up for their eviction and get the debt cleared off their credit report. “Here they help us with resources. They tell you people you need to contact and send out faxes for you,” Rachel says. “I can get phone calls here too. It is probably the best family shelter here in Sacramento. All the pictures on these walls are success stories.

“But you have to be willing,” she says. “You have to do your footwork.”

Find out more about Family Promise on their website: http://sacfamilypromise.org/


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