Farm to Every Fork

FarmmToForkAs of a few days ago, I am a member of the program committee for a benefit event called Farm to Every Fork in Sacramento Sept. 13. This will be a buy-one-feed-one dinner to raise money for homeless and food-scarce services in that city. Sponsors are Slow Food Sacramento (who will supply the fantastic feast), Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee and Homeward newspaper, River City Food Bank, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, Sacramento Food Not Bombs and the Fund for Urban Gardening (homeless people farming in donated city lots).

My committee is tasked with asking musicians and other entertainers who have a soft spot for helping homeless people to come and play or entertain during the evening. (Poor musicians. How many times a year do they get asked to give their talents for free? But still……) Please contact me if you know musicians or entertainers would like to join in the fun.

 Buy tickets for the Food To Every Fork Event on Eventbrite

Slow Food Sacramento Food to Every Fork


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